About the Awards

“Hong Kong Top Brand Awards” (formerly the "Hong Kong Top Ten Brandnames Awards" first launched in 1999) is co-organised by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council (BDC) and the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA). It aims to give recognition to outstanding brands established by Hong Kong companies, to encourage local enterprises in pursuit of excellence, to promote Hong Kong products, and to enhance the profile, both locally and internationally, of Hong Kong industries.

To be eligible, an entry brand should be established in Hong Kong or have substantially close relations with Hong Kong; and the entry company should have been registered in Hong Kong, and possess exclusive rights to fully control the production, distribution or other operational activities under the entry brand. Entrants have to go through a rigorous vetting process comprising Review of Judging Panel, Public Polling and On-site Assessment; and the judging is primarily based on six criteria, namely “Reputation (Hong Kong, Mainland and Overseas)”; “Distinctiveness”; “Innovation”; “Quality”; “Image”; “Environmental Performance, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance”.

Please browse BDC's official website (www.hkbrand.org) for more details of 2023 Awards and introduction of entry brands.